How to get website traffic quickly in 2021

To Increase the website traffic in a shorter span of time is Possible, but yes it will require more efforts below are some of the techniques which will definitely help you in getting more traffic to your website. Always remember, getting the traffic is one thing and getting the relevant traffic is another ! well I will discuss some of rule to increase traffic here


1.  Keywords Research Tools:

Keywords research will tell you what are the words being used by your Customers to search for the products to sell, you may include these keywords in the Meta Title of your products to Grab the attention of your Customers and Search Engines, there are many free and paid tools available on Internet however you can use, Google Keywords planner as it is from Google and its Free, so you can rely on that.

2.  Remove ERRORS (404 etc), Broken Links Etc:

When any user clicks on the link and it takes him to a rough landing Pages, it frustrates/irritates the user, if your website is not so good then please don’t expect users to spend too much time at your website.

3. Sell to people who need:

While doing keywords research keep in mind that you should target the audience only if they need your product, targeting irrelevant customers is a waste of time and effort.

4. Create backlinks from Social Media, Forums or Sites like quora:

In order to grab traffic from relevant customers, you might try to engage your targeted customers on social media, as the (Social Media) gets more traffic you can try to drive traffic even from there, and who knows, people might buy your products after visiting your website, well that everything depends upon efficiency of you website.

There are also various forums available along with Quora Spaces you may generate a good amount of traffic from there too!

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