How to Make Money with Google AdSense in 2023

By | November 13, 2022

Making Money with Google AdSense: How Do You Do That?

Side jobs at the supermarket or the bakery are gradually becoming something of the past. The future is online. As the technological developments increase, the (money) business of people is also shifting towards the internet. People are very innovative: because of the new possibilities, they are always coming up with more creative ways to get their money.

Examples include YouTubers who earn their living by placing videos of themselves on the internet. Others reap the benefits of the fact that so many social interactions take place via Twitter , and decide to earn their money here. But there is another option: AdSense. What exactly this is and how you can earn money with it, you can read here!

What is AdSense?

Maybe you have already heard of it, but still it will first be explained what it is. In short, Google AdSense is one of the most convenient ways to make extra money with your own website . All you have to do is copy one particular code on your website to show ads. Every time someone clicks on the ad, you get paid.

Although Google AdSense is designed for website and blog publishers in mind, anyone who creates their own blog or website can use this opportunity. Whether you have a full-time job or run a website in your free time; If you know how to monetize Google AdSense , you can get a nice extra amount of money every month.

How does AdSense work exactly?

AdSense works through a program called AdWords . This is a marketing system that allows people to pay per click, and where providers can bid on specific keywords. For example: you want to sell home-made bracelets, then you bid on the keyword ” homemade bracelets ” and based on the amount of your bid, Google places your advertisement as a search result.

AdSense is the amount you receive from the AdWords revenue. If someone clicks on the ad, you earn about 68% of the click, while the rest goes to Google. And the following applies: the more content your site has, the better Google can determine what your site is about. Based on this information, it can then match similar advertisements to your site.

But where people often go wrong when they hear about AdSense , it is in thinking that it is a way to get rich easily and quickly. In reality it costs a lot of work to make money. You are not guaranteed that you will earn a lot of money if you sign up for AdSense !

How much money you earn per click is obviously dependent on a number of external factors . For example, the amount of money that advertisers pay to Google for the ad in question plays a role. You will eventually receive a part of that amount. This is somewhere between $0.02 and $14, -. Keep in mind that this amount is often lower than hoped.

Also, the amount you will earn depends on the amount of visitors your site attracts. And what this audience consists of. The advertisements have to be tailored to the interests of your audience. If this does not happen, the chance that people click on the advertisement, and with that the chance that you generate income via AdSense , is a lot smaller.

you can easily keep track of how much you have earned (per day).

However, it is difficult to give an exact estimate. Only Google will be able to give you the answer to the question of how much you will earn. For every advertisement, a different amount is requested, and every advertiser pays another price.

But there is some play in this: some keywords are searched more often than others, so you can also estimate yourself what you will earn the most. For example, much is sought for things like ” email service ” or ” help with love ”. And: the more popular the keyword, the more advertisers want to pay, and the more you earn as an AdSense publisher.

Create your own website for AdSense

All nice and nice, but of course you have to have your own website (or blog). Important here is that you choose a topic for your site that you know a lot about and can write a lot about (content). And the more you know how to report, the more audience you attract, and the greater the chance that you can earn money with it. But how do you actually create your own website or blog?

Step # 1 Buy a domain

The first thing to do if you want to create your own site is to purchase a domain . A domain is simply the So it is the name that you will give to your website. Think carefully about the name you choose beforehand; after all, you want people to have a positive association with the name. But beware: you have to pay an annual amount for this!

Step # 2 Choose a web host

After you have purchased a domain, you can create an account with a web host. This is actually a kind of ‘host‘ that forms the basis for your website. It provides you with the tools to build your site, including e-mail accounts, security, databases and support.

Now your website is hosted. Its time to install a platform for your blog or website. A good option is WordPress . This is a very useful content management system to create your website or blog. You can easily install it on your domain and after that you just have to choose a theme, add your text and your website is ready to go into the air!

Step # 3 Design your web pages

The first thing the visitors to your site see is the external care. It is therefore very important that your site is visually attractive in the first place , but also that it fits well with what you want to tell. If you have a more serious message, it also pays to opt for a more business-like theme, while at an entertainment site you can choose a playful, cheerful theme.

There are many types of webdesgin software, including MAGIX Web Designer , Adobe Dreamweaver and Coffeecup . As mentioned, WordPress is also a way to build a site, but it is essentially not webdesign software. It is actually more of a kind of software that relates to the management of the site.

Step # 4 Know who your audience is

It is very important that you keep a close eye on who you are writing for; for whom you built the site. So you have to have a target audience . It may be useful to think of a kind of gauge, a (fictional) figure to whom you write. Then you can be sure that your texts and messages are aligned and that it can attract a certain kind of audience. Only then will you attract advertisers and ultimately make money with your site.

Step # 5 Generate awareness for your site

This of course makes sense: you still have to attract enough audience and with that advertisers. In essence, you must therefore advertise your own domain. You can do this by, for example, putting the link (s) to your site in search engines such as Google and Bing. Or make sure that other websites link to your site (possibly against payment).

Other options are: advertisements in newspapers, word-of-mouth advertising, et cetera. Or search for companies on the internet that can help you write press releases, which can be taken over by news sites and blogs.

By promoting your site on Facebook and Twitter you also generate more ‘traffic’.

Step # 6 Log in to AdSense

And once you have 20-30 pages on your site, it’s time to sign up with AdSense . You can do this via the following link: . If you are accepted, you can simply place the HTML code on each page where you want to display the ads.

Tips for a successful use of AdSense

  • Provide enough ‘traffic’ on your site. You obviously will not make money with AdSense if your site does not attract visitors and generates interaction. And this requires a lot of work, do not underestimate this! It also means that you regularly post new content .
  • Try out different types of advertisements, place both text and images, play with colors, and so on. In short, experiment with visual effects, and see what is most comfortable for you (and your audience).
  • Use good keywords. It seems to speak for itself, but it is very important that you use the right keywords. This will ultimately determine how much money you earn with AdSense . Do well research which keywords will have little competition, then your site will end up faster on the first (few) pages of search results.
  • Think carefully about the position of the advertisements. The position of an advertisement on your site plays a major role in the number of times that the ad is clicked. For example, a visitor will first scan the headlines of your texts to see if relevant information can be found. Place the ad at the very top (or at the bottom). And remember, you do not want the ad to stand out too much; you want them to look like part of your site.
  • Do not place too many ads. You can also make it crazy by placing lots of ads on your site. Then it can have the opposite effect: readers will for example think that you post spam and will leave your site faster. And because of this you lose income.

An example of someone who has 2000$ earns in one month – still a nice amount!

So AdSense can work as a source of income, but it does cost you a bit of work. Optionally, you can still choose to use alternative programs. Examples are:

  • Also known as Yahoo/Bing Advertising Network is a great Alternative to Google Adsense. …
  • Infolinks.
  • Chitika.
  • Kontera.
  • MadAds Media.
  • ClickSor.
  • Qadabra

Note that AdSense is the most elaborate program and is also used the most.


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