How to make your Mobile app more popular Part 2

By | December 25, 2022
  1. ASO development in mobile applications

ASO is an abbreviation for the word App Store Optimization, which is intended to improve your application for search engines, just as in Google search there is SEO that helps improve the appearance of your site on Google search engines.

The same thing in the ASO, your application must be constantly developed in order for it to appear distinctively in all the different application stores.

Just to name a few, APPstore, Google Play, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry World.

When you implement the AsO criteria, it makes it much easier for your app to appear in the app store search engines.

Once the user types the keyword they are searching for, this increases the number of visitors to your app.

This increases the chances of downloading the application.

In order to make your app get very popular among other apps.

It is imperative to target the keywords correctly and attract customers to see the application especially the target group who is interested in the content provided by the application.

For example, if your application contains a full explanation of the rules of SEO and how to develop your site for search engines.

You must target the segment interested in the world of computers, the Internet, and areas of profit from the Internet.

This will shorten the way for you, but if you make the invitation public to all, you will not be able to maintain the long-term survival of the customers.

Therefore, you must focus on targeting customers and gaining their trust in the application, and it is not just a visit to the application.

So what do you get when a customer visits the app without downloading the app.

So defining your target audience is absolutely essential to the success of your app’s popularity.

  1. Mobile app development and adding features

Certainly, you will not create an application and pay money to promote it and design the logo and all techniques for creating the application until you present to the audience an exact copy of one of the other applications so what is the benefit that you provide to your audience.

You must make the customer feel that your application contains something special and distinct that he will not find in the second applications.

On the other hand, after creating the application and providing opportunities to listen to customer comments and submit their suggestions, you can share with them about the content they want to add.

What do they like and want more of?

Also, what are the most important problems that you encountered while using the application so that you can solve them immediately.

Given that user service is one of the most important means of strengthening the relationship between you and customers, it is natural that when the customer feels uncomfortable, he will delete the application and search for another.

Users should see that their interest, comfort, and security privacy is the first thing that you want to provide in this application.

As suggestions to ensure that the customer uses your application as long as possible, you can provide them with some content that supports access without the need to connect to the Internet and completely avoid the large number of useless ads and additions.

  1. Mobile apps are a golden opportunity to achieve your goals

Recent studies have proven that the estimated profits from building applications across various stores amounted to 102 billion dollars.

The latest research also indicated that users spend around 30 hours running mobile apps per month.

So it is an excellent opportunity for you to be able to multiply your earnings online specifically by creating applications.

Issue application updates according to customer needs

Use clear lines in the application and attractive images with consistent colors and not annoying that may harm the eyes.

In addition, you can provide a private space to communicate with active users and provide a free space of their own in order to motivate all customers to continue to interact with the application and share it with friends and thus you have gained great popularity for your application.

It may be expensive and requires a lot of effort, but you will definitely reach what you are looking for, which is seeing your application from the most popular and used applications.