The 5 best websites to buy and sell source codes for smart phone applications

By | December 29, 2022

Many iPhone and Android application developers are looking for the best stores to buy and sell source code (Source Code), whether they are developing applications through programming from scratch or by Riskin, so choosing the best stores is an important matter, especially as it is one of the best places for the developer community, as that The development process becomes easy through these codes when you gain distinct opportunities to get more money for developers by selling or buying source code at good prices, and to work the development professionally and fully satisfy customers, it is necessary to enter into the challenge and competition, as these stores are considered the most competitive and facilitate It is the responsibility of developers who are still in their early stages and want to have ready-made application templates to create iPhone or Android games or their applications.

These stores offer the following:

The possibility of returning money to the customer in case he does not like the project.

There is a huge collection of modern source codes for Android, Windows, IOS and other platforms.

The original source code as released by the developer.

The source codes are developed by highly experienced application developers.

There is customization and optimization supported by the original developer.

Fit and compatibility with recent versions of iOS, Android or other operating systems.

Some of these stores have a large collection of free codes and are suitable for beginners and for those who want to learn to develop smart phone applications by browsing these codes.


5 best stores to buy and sell the source code for smart phone applications

  1. SellMyApp

The SellMyApp store is one of the oldest stores to buy and sell source codes, and it has many advantages as it contains a very large range of source code for both Android and IOS in a variety of formats, and it is one of the best options for buying and selling source code for applications, especially since all its codes have been chosen with their excellent quality and his team has been His choice is from professionals who work to provide modifications to the codes and riskin for the services purchased from the store, in addition to a 14-day warranty on all the services that are purchased and he has an amazing support system.


This store is of great importance as it is one of the popular stores owned by the world-famous brand Envato, and through this store you can buy and sell your source codes on Envato Market and the profits will return to you hugely! It contains a very large number of high-quality codes for various platforms, which are not limited to Android and IOS platforms only, but also to many such as Corona, Unity, Titanium, which are suitable with various application stores, and in this store there are many different systems and elements. The variety of languages ​​such as: PHP, Java, JavaScript, ASP.Net and many others ..


The Codeester store has great advantages as it is not only a store to buy and sell codes, but it also provides a huge platform for web application developers, it is a huge market for source codes and scripts , Applications, plugins, themes and templates, and all this is sold and bought by designers and developers who have their own separate section for application codes and categorized according to IOS, Android, Corona, Tatanium, Unity, and others.


If you are looking for the best store to buy and sell the source codes for games, you should go to, as it is the best for that, especially with the quality of its codes, and you will notice this through the number of downloads that all the codes listed in this store receive, so how not and everyone who dealt with him got success It is tried by many, and the codes on the site are varied, ranging from small games for beginners to large and large-sized games for professional game developers, and despite the fact that this store is still in the process of growth and does not contain huge numbers of codes available, it has gained great fame in The world of selling codes, and through this site you can buy modern source codes in Unity 3D, Cocos 2D 3D, and modern 3D models for the Android and IOS platforms.


Anyone can buy and sell the source codes on this store for professional applications at high and competitive prices, as well as game codes, and this store is a large library that offers the best ready-to-use applications that will save you a lot of time and cost by nearly 90% to launch your Android or IOS application, even if you are not You have development skills so you can get application codes and use it simply, with more than 3500 application codes and templates and more than 15 thousand user base, so the store is a distinguished and pioneering store in the source code industry, and the best of all is that it contains videos Free for developers, showing them how to develop their development skills.