The Top 7 Best Online Training Platforms (LMS) – Comparative

By | September 1, 2022

Online training has developed enormously in recent years.

There are now tens of thousands of them on hundreds of platforms. It is possible to learn about science, literature, mathematics, marketing, fashion, photography, sports and many other fields such as music or even love and sexuality via the internet.

These training courses are most often in the form of videos or tutorials in text format. Their duration varies according to the subject of the training and can be up to several months for a complete and very in-depth course.

The number of participants in these training courses is increasing because many people like to learn at a distance, from home and without time constraints. Precisely, the opportunity being inratable, many entrepreneurs have made it their job, so why not you?

If you want to create and sell online training courses (sometimes called MOOC), there are many websites that allow you to do so in a fast and optimized way.

Online training platforms (or LMS, for Learning Management System) are used to put these free or paid training courses online for your audience.

Thanks to them, it is easier for you to upload programs made up of videos, set up affiliate programs, broadcast webinars, etc., on member sites optimized for learning (security, student experience, sales).

In order to allow you to make a choice in line with your expectations, we have studied the different specificities of some of the most popular LMS tools available on the market.

In this top, we will see the 8 best platforms to create and sell your online trainings.

Learnybox: The Dream Tool for Trainers

Learnybox does “All in 1”, i.e. it brings together all the tools necessary to carry out and sell a training course on its site.

It is also possible to create and develop its website or blog, create newsletters and sales tunnels, manage its customer relations, organize online conferences, sales and surveys.

Learnybox is not free of charge. There are 3 subscription formulas with more or less advantages and it is possible to test the 3 formulas for 14 days free of charge to familiarise yourself with the site and see which formula suits you.

LearnyBox has the advantage of being very popular in the online training world. The site displays more than 20,000 training courses and more than 4 million users, a very high figure for an online training platform.

The service also takes care of its community by organizing aperitifs and seminars, the Learny Nights, in order to bring together entrepreneurs who offer training courses.

The main disadvantage of LearnyBox is its price, which is higher than its competitors and the limited number of training sessions possible in the 2 cheapest formulas, 3 and 5, which is not enough for entrepreneurs who want to offer training packages.

Teachable: Your Virtual School in a Few Clicks

Teachable has a simple interface and is easy to navigate.

The design is classy and the functionalities are multiple: it is possible to create and customize one’s website.

You can also create and sell your training courses online and modify the language of your pages so that your training courses are accessible to all, internationally.

Teachable allows the creation of quizzes and discussion forums, but also certificates for the students of your courses who have successfully completed them.

It is also possible to include discounts and promotions for your courses, for example for Black Friday. Teachable accepts international payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and other banks.

Finally, the platform allows the creation of e-mailing campaigns in order to send the new courses to potential students, for example.

You have a dashboard with the follow-up of your income and the number of courses sold and in progress.

There are 3 subscription formulas. The cheapest is at a reasonable price.

The advantage of Teachable is its highly refined content and its availability to entrepreneurs. For example, Teachable comes with a free course builder book that enables you to study the basics before starting an online course.

A disadvantage of Teachable is that its payment system takes into account international VAT. Thus, the income of entrepreneurs is reduced and this cost must be taken into account when you set the price of your training.

It is also not possible to ask for a payment of income, it is only paid once a month.

Podia: The Ideal Solution for Content Creators

Podia is an American platform for the creation of online courses.

This platform not only allows you to create your courses from A to Z, but also to moderate your community of students and to interact with them.

Like other platforms, Podia offers a tool for creating and sending newsletters and e-mailing campaigns with a precise follow-up of the benefits for your business.

The company prides itself on bringing together more than 15,000 entrepreneurs and creators of online training courses. It also offers a 14-day free trial with all the features available.

A main feature of Podia is the possibility to sell digital downloads besides traditional training.

Few platforms offer this functionality.

You can also set up and manage your membership sites and communities on these same websites.

One of the disadvantages of Podia is the lack of telephone contact which is very useful for entrepreneurs who have a problem in designing their training courses. However, an online chat is offered to make up for this lack.

LearnDash: The WordPress Plugin Thought for E-Learning

LearnDash is not Saas software, but rather an extension. It is therefore very simple and convenient to use.

It is possible to purchase a LearnDash license for one year. The tool offers three different packages. The first offer gives access to the functionality of the tool on a single site, the second on 10 sites and the third on 25 sites.

The essential features of a good LMS tool are present in LearnDash. The courses are manageable in a drag and drop editor with a very intuitive handling. Overall the tool allows :

  • The creation of courses
  • Monetization of courses
  • Management of course administration

LearnDash also offers the possibility of opening a forum for learners to help and support each other, as well as awarding certificates, programming access to courses in various modes such as “drip feed” or unlocking by earning points.

Finally, LearnDash allows you to monetize your digital products (training, member access) through various payment methods (annual, monthly, etc.).

You can also offer multiple courses or product packs. The user will be able to choose several products and place them in a shopping cart.

All in all, LearnDash is a good option for entrepreneurs who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and who are not discouraged by bugs and technical problems.

Kooneo: The Swiss Army Knife of the Infopreneur

Kooneo is a very good webmarketing tool, as it is relatively rich in features relevant to marketers, trainers and coaches.

With offers starting from 22,50€/month, the platform offers one of the best value for money. The use of the tool is extremely simple and its interface is ergonomic and very intuitive. No special training is required to use it.

With Kooneo, you can sell several such as :

  • Physical products
  • Digital products such as ebooks or online training.
  • Software
  • Premium access to your training courses or premium spaces for small groups

With Kooneo, automating the sales side of your business becomes easy.

The tool allows you to manage order forms, create Call To Action (CTA) for your products via PayPal, set up shopping carts, create affiliate programs and member sites, and much more.

The management of the emailing component of your web marketing is also possible with Kooneo. This is a great advantage considering the reliability and profitability of a web marketing strategy such as emailing.

Finally, the tool offers you free templates to create your own landing pages.

All in all, Kooneo’s offer is complete and affordable, even if it is starting to suffer from its age, especially when compared to offers such as LearnDash or Clickfunnels.

Kajabi: The Rolls Royce of American Marketeers

This platform, exclusively in English, allows the creation of websites and webinar pages as well as training courses.

It also allows the integration of automatic e-mails and newsletter campaigns.

Kajabi has the advantage of offering “all-in-one” solutions, such as LearnyBox. In addition, it offers strong marketing tools like one-click upsell and no need to code these operations by yourself.

The main disadvantage of Kajabi is its price. It is one of the most expensive online training platforms.


There are therefore many platforms for creating online training courses, each offering different advantages and a wide range of prices.

It’s up to you to choose which one suits your project needs.

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