How to start Earning $100 Per Month from AdSense Step by Step

By | December 14, 2023

Earning your initial $100 through AdSense might seem challenging at first, but once achieved, it’s incredibly gratifying. It’s not just about the money; it symbolizes a significant milestone, especially for those new to earning online.

For me, reaching that first $100 milestone was pure elation. None of my friends or family believed in online earning—they all dismissed it as a scam. But that moment marked a personal triumph, proving them wrong and showcasing the potential of online ventures.

How To Make $100 Dollars From Google AdSense?

A Quick Points to Keep in Mind:

  • You must have a Good Domain Name;
  • A web hosting;
  • A SSL (HTTPS) Certificate;
  • Good Theme
  • Quality Content No Copy Paste
  • Drive Traffic from Social Networking Sites (FB Pages, Groups, YouTube ETC)

Select topic, You should know your interest, and launch a blog/website according to your interest, that would make you stick with blogging even if you are not earning that much money, but your interest will support you at that point.

Once You design your complete website/blog;

Follow the Following Rules to Get Approval from Google AdSense:

  • You should have at least 25 Articles/Posts with 500 Words Each Article/Post.
  • You must not copy past posts/articles from other websites into yours.
  • You must write quality and unique content.

Important Pages To Implement on Your Website/Blog:

You Must have the followings Pages on your website/blog [VERY IMPORTANT]

  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer Page
  • DMCA
  • Contact us
  • About us

Once you fulfill these requirements, You can easily get your approval from AdSense.

Content and Bringing Traffic to Your Website/Blog

Once, you have followed all the rules as stated above, now you should keep in mind, that before even writing a content, you must research and whatever you write about;

Google that and check top 10 websites on that simple topic and make your article provide more quality than the rest of top 10 websites, that pop ups on the first pages.

You should not only use text but also images, videos that attracts users to stay at your blog/website and spends more time.

Once you have researched and write a huge in depth post about any topic that you are interested.

Now you should put your 100% efforts to bring traffic to your post;

Post Your Article Links ETC on Facebook Page, FB Groups, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Medium and many other websites.

Remember, success with AdSense depends on various factors like niche selection, content quality, SEO, and audience engagement. It might take time to reach the $100 per month mark, but with dedication and the right approach, it’s achievable.


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